1. Select the type of Tokens issue. The “Limited” - will mean that as many Tokens will be released as you will specify. The “Unlimited” - will mean that there will not be a finite number of Tokens and the smart contract will release them exactly as much as will be purchased.
  2. In the "TOKEN NAME" field, enter the name of the Token that you want to create (eg. My Project Token)
  3. In the "TOKEN SYMBOL" field, enter the symbol of the name of your token consisting of 3 letters (eg. MPT)
  4. In the "OWNER TOKEN PERCENTAGE" field, specify the number of Tokens that you want to keep for yourself and your team as a percentage
  5. In the “THE PRICE OF THE TOKEN” field, enter your price for 1 token.
  6. Indicate the number of stages for your ICO. “One (ICO only)” stage will mean that there will be only one ICO with dates that you indicated. If you select “Two (pre-ICO + ICO)”, you will be able to conduct 2 stages of your ICO (additional fields for selecting dates and discounts will appear in the ICO parameter selection menu for the preliminary stage of your ICO)
  7. In the “NUMBER OF TOKENS” field, specify how many tokens will be issued in total (Please note that if you choose an unlimited type of smart contract, you will not have such a field)
  8. In the “AVAILABLE FOR SALE” field, the system will calculate the number of tokens that will be available for sale (Total number of tokens minus Token Percentage for the owner as well as the platform commission (see “legal information”))
  9. In the "MINIMUM AMOUNT TO COLLECT" field, specify the minimum number of tokens that must be sold to launch your project. If you sell this number of tokens, the funds raised will be available for you to manage, but if the number of tokens you specify is not sold, your ICO will receive unsuccessful status, and the smart contract will return all collected funds back to investors upon request.
  10. Select the planned start and end dates for your ICO
  11. Select the dates and the sizes of discounts for ICO. By clicking the "Add Date" button, the additional fields will appear in which you can select dates or time periods in which discounts will be valid for your Tokens, as well as the sizes of discounts for your Tokens, respectively.
ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site is a web interface with the factory of smart contracts that generates new arbitrary smart contracts in accordance with the parameters chosen by the Client.The site is intended for customers who wish to host the ICO.
The ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM platform allows to generate any kinds of smart contracts, including smart contracts with limited and unlimited emissions, assuming the accrual of revenues on issued tokens or with a simple redemption by paying of tokens. section HOW IT WORKS
Our team conducts regular audits of the factory of smart contracts for susceptibility to various kinds of attacks and fault tolerance. These works are also carried out with the involvement of specialized specialists.For more details about guarantees LEGAL INFORMATION
At the moment, the generated smart contracts allow you to attract investments and distribute revenues only in Ethereum, while the embedded functionality of the smart contract factory allows you to work with any crypto and fiat currencies, but is not available due to regulatory constraints. Our team is working on this issue and will add such functionality as soon as it is possible.
To create a smart contract, go to the CREATE PROJECT section and add the information about your project.After payment and confirmation of all transactions, your project will be added to the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site and you will have full access to the generated smart contract. More detailed video watch here.
No, we do not check your ICO projects in connection with the disclaimer, but in the case of supervisory requirements and / or if the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site administration believes that your ICO project will violate the current legislation, we reserve the right to delete information about the relevant project from the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM website, but the operation of the smart contract and your access / management of the already created smart contract are not under the control of the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site administration.
The price for the creation of a smart contract is indicated in Russian rubles on the home page of ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM, while reference values ​​for other currencies and crypto-currencies are indicated, also the ICOCONSTRUCTOR.COM site retains a commission from the funds raised and issued tokens in the amount of 5 %.
No, we do not provide legal support for such projects and are not responsible for your ICO projects, but we have contacts with lawyers working in this field and can share their contacts with you.
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